The Philosophy

Simplifying Healing

It doesn’t need to be such a mystery. It doesn’t need to be so hard and complicated. We shouldn’t have to waste years hopping from doctor to doctor, hoping for a cure while we sit by and suffer. Let’s take back some of the power into our own hands. Let’s remember that we too can acquire the knowledge necessary for healing and prevention. Let’s not forget that we too can learn about health and healing even if we don’t have an MD or a PHD after our name.


Treating the Root Cause

I am a firm believer that symptoms are our friends. They are signs and markers that tell us that something is not right in our bodies—our personal little advocates voicing to us that there is something wrong on the inside.

Too frequently though, we do not listen to these warnings. They start out small, just little whispers. Perhaps small aches, trouble falling asleep, the occasional Charlie horse, or heartburn after a big meal. But because we are a pill-popping society, we mask. We shut down the small, annoying-but-helpful signs with pain killers, Rolaids and drugs. “Shut up!” we tell our bodies. But we can’t blame ourselves: this is what we have been taught. These little annoyances are “normal”, we are told.

Often, it is not ‘til our bodies are screaming out at us that we finally realize there is something deeply wrong, and by then we are so far down the rabbit hole that a long road of struggle is inevitable. And thus begins the doctor visits, the frustration, and the years of illness as you go from doctor to doctor, trying to find the answer.

Perhaps you are “fine.” There is just “nothing wrong with you”.

If an answer is found, the bills rack up as your mountain of prescription bottles grow, containers of pills which treat symptoms and the side effects of the drugs. You grow frustrated with your doctor and your doctor becomes frustrated with you.

Are you down that rabbit hole of chronic illness, fighting to get out? Or just sick and tired of a script in your face for every acute condition? Just hold on, because there is a way out. It starts with LISTENING to your body.

The only way to get to 100% health is to treat the root cause of the illness. Illness doesn’t happen for no reason. There is ALWAYS a reason why a body becomes imbalanced.

Treating the symptoms is not a cure. You can control or mask the symptoms for a period of time, but underneath the surface the root issue continues to persist and exacerbate. The more you control and mask symptoms, the more of them you develop.

We live in a society where ailments are considered normal: aches and pains, period cramps, indigestion, allergies, high blood pressure, etc. While symptoms may be the norm these days, they are not the normal state of a healthy body. We are a civilization that is living longer, yet sicker.

Treat the high blood pressure—the symptom—and the reason for it being high in the first place is still there. That is not a cure. It is just a resounding “Be quiet!” to a body that is only trying to convey that something is wrong.


Being The One In Charge

You put all your trust—your health and even your life—into the hands of another human being. Well, because they have the years of school under their belt, as well as an MD after their name. “An MD, I tell you! Those two letters mean the world!” They are a doctor. They are smart and they know everything. Or do they?

Now, let me be clear: I am not out to bash doctors. That is not my motive, and not my point. I believe doctors to be truly caring individuals with a desire to help others, and that most of them are very good at what they know. However, I have my qualms about Western medicine and the control Big Pharma has over it (the sicker people are the more they profit), and once my eyes have been open to the other side of the story, I cannot help but see the faults with conventional medicine.

Conventional Western medicine has moved far from health care and into sick care. We are not taught how to be healthy, but rather to live unhealthy lifestyles and then to rely on a system that, more often than not, just helps to manage and control symptoms rather than curing the problem.

There is a more integrative approach to medicine, however. This is practiced by holistic, naturopathic and integrative doctors, who seek to treat the entire body and to work from the root cause for a complete cure, as well as prevention.

There seems to be a common misconception that doctors who use any form of natural substances to treat illness and disease are behind the times—using Stone Age wisdom—while conventional medicine uses scientific sound data.

This is a myth.

Of the holistic and integrative doctors I have been to, they are not only an M.D., but an M.D. and beyond: their schooling is much advanced than the typical medical doctor’s. I (as well as many other’s) have found these integrative doctors to be using much advanced medicine and lab tests, and also have profound knowledge in detoxification, diet and nutrition. To those of us who have found no relief with the Western medical system, it quickly becomes obvious that this is wherein lies the truths.

A lot of the basic medical doctor’s fundamental advice is outdated, which becomes obvious to anyone who does real research (and I don’t mean just reading blogs of people like me). I personally find Integrative Medicine to be far more advanced and to be the true, scientifically sound Modern Medicine.

Do not take my word for it. I encourage you to read, research and learn for yourself. Knowledge is priceless, and so is your health. It’s worth far too much to gamble on.

We live life without a second thought to our health. Then we get sick. What else is there to do but to burn over to the doctor’s office and get a script? So that’s what we do. After swiping a card at the pharmacy for the antibiotic, we wait out the illness on the couch with a Diet Coke, fake preservative-laden chicken broth and a box of sugar-filled Popsicles.

We don’t know what the antibiotics and drugs are doing to us. We don’t know what the Coke and the imitation food is doing to us. And though we may bounce back to life with a vengeance, we do not know the lasting effects the antibiotics have on the gut, or that we could have prevented the sickness in the first place.

There is something liberating about taking control of your health. Being the one in control does not mean you don’t go to doctors, but rather that you have done your research and have found a doctor with knowledge about true healing from the root cause and not just symptom control.

But instead of living a life just practicing sick care (caring for your body only when you get sick), when you are in charge of your own health, you also practice health care.

When you are in the driver’s seat of your health, you are not dependent solely on the knowledge of other human beings. Rather, you have your own marvelous brain added to the mix. I truly believe that if everyone had the up-to-date knowledge about health and healing, we would not be a nation of epidemics—heart disease, cancer, obesity, mental illness and more—but rather a nation of healthy and happier people.



The Approach

The most counter-effective method to healing is an intense, overwhelming program. Keeping things simple and avoiding stress during the process is key to healing.

My way of keeping things simple and relaxed, is to use the Elimination and Integration Equation. To figure out whether you should eliminate one thing or integrate another into your healing lifestyle, ask yourself: Will this thing send me further into fight-or-flight (will it add stress), or will it trigger the rest-and-digest state (the healing state)? This question will give you an easy answer as to whether or not something is a good fit in your life right now.

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